Our assets, strengths, and competences

Modadom is active in the textile sector worldwide, focus on household items, bedding and deco items, and offer magnificent products.

Specialized in the creation, production, and logistic, with an exclusive customer base of large retail stores, we supply hundreds of thousands items every week.

Our passion for the textile is leading our way to the development and production in harmony with the prevailing trends and fashion. Our designers and stylists are following the themes and evolution of the market to match your needs and expectations.

We bring you attractive and superior products thanks to our vertically integrated production, a strict quality control and a knowhow of our experienced and dedicated staff of professionals.

Listening to all your needs, we have built a complete range of services, fast and flawless, to pack, trace and deliver, with an optically reading system, allowing us to track all deliveries and orders by item and reference.

« We are your textile sourcing solution – your essential supplier »


Quality guaranty Chart

Modadom manufactures the goods in several areas of the world, Asia, Europe, Africa. We control our own production lines.

If we have the privilege to have you as a customer, no doubt you know that our moto is rigour and strict compliance to all norms and regulations. We are dedicated to deliver guaranteed production under Oekotex standards and to manufacture with a profund respect of the environment to protect the planet. We carefully follow social, cultural and ethical rules and promote economic development.

We control each stage of the production, from the raw material selection until final delivery of the ready-made product, fully packed and conditioned. Our own daily inspections and laboratory analysis, as well as the as the control by independent organizations such as SGS and Intertek, validate the conformity of our items and of the social respect of all rules and ethical standards through the manufacturing process.

« Solidarity / integrity / respect / sustainability / liberty / responsability / sharing »